As an Interior Design Company we understand each project has specific needs, budget, and personalization involved. Every design has a concept that will directly correlate with our customers individual style and life style. We walk our customers through all the aspects of the design that is needed. Whether your designing project is new construction, remodeling, interior decorating or just simply ideas. Our customer service for our customers is our top priority. 


About the Designer

Lea McAvoy

Lea’s journey didn’t start out with interior design, but rather nursing. After moving from Wisconsin to Florida for school she quickly discovered nursing wasn’t her passion, but Interior Design was.Once  Lea meet her husband and they purchased they're first home she started designing every aspect of the home. Earning her Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts in Interior Design wasn't easy with her husbands busy military career and children, but she finished, and continued studying for her NCIDQ exam. 


     Since graduating  she began to freelance like she had for years prior and decided entrepreneurship of starting her own business was were she was heading. Since Lea started her business in 2019 she has been able to accomplish so much more with her designing than she ever thought. She has adapted to every aspect of designing from planning, construction, management, and accounting. Lea knows how important it is to have the ability to take the stress from the client away and let the designing stress fall on a company.  Lea is always looking to expand her abilities and is welcome to learning new opportunities when designing calls for more learning. 

Cell phone: 904-318-3735

Mailing Address: 1501 India St. Suite 103-220 San Diego, CA, USA

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